On December 26 2018, heavy rainfall has caused severe flash flooding in northern Syria along the Turkish Border. Hundreds of tents were washed away in Atme, Dana, Sarmada and Qah in the northern countryside of Idlib and Aleppo. The area is mainly desert with valleys and poor drainage. Tents are canvas and fixed to the ground, dirt roads running through the camps.

Over 250,000 refugees affected in these areas. Shelters, food stocks and clean water have been  ruined by flooding. Freezing temperatures at night have led to the death of a little girl. Myriam Al Hussain died due to freezing cold on December 17 2018. She lived in the Al-Naser Camp, near Qah town, northern Idlib. Idlib is struggling to accommodate millions of Internal Displaced People(IDP) without sufficient resources. One Nation is providing emergency shelters, heating, clothing, water and food to internally displaced people.

IDP Camps Affected:

  • Sarha Camp (Tal Al Karama – Sarmada Road).
  • Al-Deera Camp (Tal Al Karama – Sarmada Road).
  • Al-Huda camp (south Atma district).
  • Souda brothers camp (south of the widows’ camp 400).
  • Camp Al-Omar (Etma Gathering) – Most of the tents were washed away because of the river’s flood next to the camp.
  • Almouda camp, located behind the Hal market in Sarmada.
  • Al – Wadhi Camp. Al-Sabreen camp (west of the Dana-Sarmada agricultural road).
  • Al-Jaweed camp (the road to get out of Atmah towards the first batch of tender).
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