With the Syrian conflict in its seventh year, 30 000 people are injured each month and in need of basic medical care. Severely restricted access to medical care causes many people’s injuries to turn into lifelong disabilities, which otherwise would have been preventable.

There are an estimated 50,000 amputees inside Syria who are innocent victims of the indiscriminate bombing.

The One Nation Prosthetic Artificial Limbs Clinic in Syria (P.A.L.S) offers hope for a meaningful life for those who have lost limbs.  By returning these individuals to a life of ability, independence and productivity, the whole family that they support is often lifted out of poverty and dependence.

Our patients can expect to receive a lightweight, strong prosthetic limbs with highly flexible joints, in line with the highest international standards.

With One Nations new Prosthetic center and your support, we can offer hope to these patients again.

On average, each patient is costing us around £1,000 to provide a high standard Prosthetic limb. Make that difference today and help change lives.

**This project is zakat eligible**



Case 1: Abdal Razaq a child in Syria, found an explosive which he thought was a toy. While he was playing, it exploded and amputated his hands. He also damaged his eyes and face. The trauma he suffered was great and he stopped going to school and lost a lot of his confidence. He loved playing football and hopes he can once again play football. His dream is to become a footballer.

Case 2: A rocket hit Omar`s house resulting in him losing his left leg from below his knee. The shock of losing his leg has seriously affected his learning ability and at the age of three, he finds it difficult to speak and express himself clearly. He likes to play with his toys to keep his mind off the war.

Case 3: A rocket hit Malak’s house resulting in both her parents losing their lives. She also lost one of her legs due to the rocket. Malak is eight years old and she is very scared to leave her home. She wants to go school one day and her dream is to be a teacher. She loves to play hide and seek with her friends.

Case 4: Sameera was three years old when her house got hit by a rocket resulting in her losing her leg. After losing her leg she is very shy and does not like strangers. She also has lost many of her friends as she cannot go out and play with them. This trauma has left Sameera very sad and she doesn’t like being away from her mum.

Case 5: Jawad was selling fruit in the market when a rocket hit the market. He was taken to hospital as both his legs were amputated. He can no longer support his family as he is unable to work in the market. He hopes one day he will be able to work again so he can provide for his family and send his kids to school again.