One Nation is proud to announce its pioneering project in Turkey which places the interest of families such as families of widows.

*Help 5 Syrian Families* in Turkey rebuild there lives in sha Allah.

£275.00 a month
£3300.00 for the year

The project will provide the families with:

◉ Shelter
◉ Payment of Bills
◉ Employment Training
◉ Psychological Support
◉ Access to important legal services
◉ Eduction both for the mother and child
◉ Extra curriculum activities for Orphans

For a period of a year the family is given access to skills training to sustain themselves in a dignified and respectful manner.

In a very financially demanding environment such as Turkey widows and orphans are exposed to harsh realities of Life.

Your chance to make a real difference and help rebuild the lives of brothers and sisters.

Our Explainer Video: