The Forgotten Rohingya of Burma Need Your Help!

Over the last few days fresh violence has again against the Rohingya in Rakhine state near Bangladesh border.

The Rohingya people are a persecuted, Muslim ethnic group living in Myanmar (Burma). Violent clashes in Rakhine State have left dozens dead and whole communities destitute without access to food or shelter.

• Over 100,000 displaced in last 2 weeks
• Over 400 deaths
• Many villages destroyed 

One Nation has teams on the ground in Burma and regularly provide aid to thousands of people that have been effected.

£25 will provide a food parcel to a family in Burma.

Your Donations Supporting The Rohingya Refugees

One Nation have teams on the ground in Burma (Myanmar) providing aid and assistance to the Burmese Rohingya Refugees.

In the last 12 months, over £100,000 has been spent providing emergency aid and assistance to the thousands of families that have been affected.

We need your donations more than ever before, so that we can continue to support the forgotten people of Rohingya.