14 Sep 2017

Emergency Aid Distribution to Rohingya Refugees 13th September 2017 ~ https://youtu.be/Qq-6Kyg1qgs Alhamdollilah today we conducted an emergency aid distribution to Rohingya refugees that have arrived at the Bangladesh border Thousands of families have arrived to refugee camps in the past week alone. They’ve had some extremely harrowing experiences and they’re not too sure what’s going […]

06 Sep 2017

The Forgotten Rohingya of Burma Need Your Help! Over the last few days fresh violence has again against the Rohingya in Rakhine state near Bangladesh border. The Rohingya people are a persecuted, Muslim ethnic group living in Myanmar (Burma). Violent clashes in Rakhine State have left dozens dead and whole communities destitute without access to food […]

22 Aug 2017

SIERRA LEONE EMERGENCY DISASTER APPEAL More than 300 people have died and thousand have been displaced in one of the worst hit floods in Sierra Leone. News: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/sierra-leone-mudslide-latest-deaths-killed-hundreds-freetown-flooding-military-a7892531.html Due to continuous rain and heavy flood, thousands of people have become homeless, their houses, livestock and other sources of living and livelihood have been ruined. One […]

21 Aug 2017

We are approaching the days of Qurbani, wherein a believer sacrifices an animal to show his obedience to Allah. The prophet (peace be upon him) was asked, what is Udhiyyah (Qurbani)?’ He replied, ‘It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim (peace be upon him).’ Qurbani is a highly blessed and virtuous act, with the […]

06 Jul 2017

The ongoing crisis in Yemen has unleashed a massive outbreak of cholera, with more than 200,000 suspected cases and 5,000 more being added per day. More than 1,500 victims have already died, a quarter of them children. “In just two months, cholera has spread to almost every [part] of this war-torn country,” the United Nations […]

25 Apr 2017

For the first time this Ramadan, One Nation will be providing aid to the ummah in 15 countries. We need your support and donations to reach our target of 1 million pounds. With approximately a month left till Ramadhan One Nation has launched its Ramadan appeal to provide essential aid to the poor and needy […]

17 Jan 2017

One Nation is constantly providing food aid to hundreds of needy families in Bangladesh. These are some of the most poorest people in Bangladesh, who have no livelihood or income to support their families. One Nation distributed food parcels to the poor and needy in Hatiya, Bangladesh. Each food parcel consisted of essential items such […]

17 Jan 2017

Syria is currently one of the most dangerous places to live. The suffering of the Syrian people is intense and they urgently need your help. For the last few months, One Nation has been supporting families inside Syria with much needed winter supplies so that they can stay warm and survive the harsh winter conditions. […]