04 Nov 2018
As winter descends and temperatures drop, survival becomes much more difficult for millions of people across the world. One Nation has launched an emergency winter appeal to deliver winter supplies such as heaters, fuel, blankets and warm clothing to thousands of families in Gaza, Syria, Yemen and the Rohingya in Bangladesh and Myanmar. This will [...]
08 Oct 2018
On September 28, 2018, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Donggala District and Palu City in the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi. The epicentre of the earthquake was 10 km (6 miles) deep and approximately 27 km (17 miles) east of Donggala. The earthquake caused a tsunami in coastal areas, with surges as high as 20 [...]
23 Sep 2018
Yemen has been torn apart by conflict for the last two years. More than 6,100 people have died - half of them civilians. Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East, torn apart by conflict and gripped by hunger. Almost half the country's residents are malnourished and have no access to clean water. Deadly [...]
04 Sep 2018
Approximately 3 million people around the Idlib areas of Syria are in need of our urgent support and with the cold winter months approaching, the most vulnerable widows and orphans are at risk of death from bombings and freezing temperatures. One Nation is responding to the crisis with the following projects: Click on any item [...]
28 May 2018

Our team in Syria, distributed iftar meals to fasting families inside Syria. We are providing daily iftar meals to thousands of struggling families and we need your donations to continue this amazing project. Please continue to donate by visiting www.RamadaninSyria.com Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah accepted w: www.onenationuk.org t: 0192 485 6923 100% Donation Policy

04 Mar 2018

EASTERN GHOUTA FLOUR DISTRIBUTION Monday 26th February 2018 Area : Ain Tarma Alhumdulillah our team are delivering flour for fresh bread inside Eastern Ghouta right now and will be delivering hot meals and food packs very soon in sha allah. More aid distribution will take place over the next few weeks in sha allah and […]

23 Jan 2018

Around 5.8 million people in the UK live in ‘deep poverty’, making it hard for them to afford every day essentials, including food. The implications of poverty are vast and as a community, we have a responsibility to look after our neighbours in order to build a just, caring and loving society. Ibn Az-Zubair reported: [...]
20 Nov 2017

For the first time ever we will be distributing aid to poor and needy families in Malawi. A team from the UK will be personally travelling to Malawi to oversee the distribution. £15 will provide a food parcel to a family ‘Whosoever feeds his brother bread until he is satisfied, and gives him water until […]